Rapid Prototyping

High quality customized PCBs in less than 24 hours!

Our extensive experience in the PCB industry has given us an edge when it comes to supporting the prototyping needs of engineers and designers.

We make your ideas into tangible printed circuit boards

When you need high performing and reliable printed circuit boards for your next project in the shortest possible time you can trust CCI. In last 27 years, our highly experienced team has worked closely with many engineers and designers to produce innovative, reliable prototypes for some exciting and path breaking projects.

Empowering customers and accelerating innovation

Whether you are designing a Multi Layer PCB or HDI PCB, or RF Circuit Board, you can trust us. Our advanced machine line-up helps us meet your rush needs. CCI production team ensures there are no bottlenecks and delays in getting you the prototype you want as per your deadline. We have an extensive inventory of materials needed to manufacture a wide variety of circuit boards. Therefore, we can produce high quality customized PCBs in less than 24 hours!