Rapid Prototyping

High quality customized PCBs in less than 24 hours!

Our extensive experience in the PCB industry has given us an edge when it comes to supporting the prototyping needs of engineers and designers. Once you have your design ready its time to test it for any bugs and functionality issues and how do you do it? You get a prototype. In PCB manufacturing, prototyping is a critical phase. This is a first step in the manufacturing process where you can learn about flaws, if any, and fix them before going to production phase.

If you are building a new product, then PCB prototype is a great option for you to demonstrate your idea, it is a proof of concept; and if you are looking for investors in your business for new start up company, then a printed circuit board is a cost-effective solution to show your design and concept in tangible form.

Like in any form of manufacturing, documentation is the key to success here as well to build a reliable PCB prototype. We depend on your documentation to manufacture a flawless PCB prototype for you. Additionally, documentation will also protect your intellectual property rights. Accurate documentation at this stage will also ensure your prototyping costs are not high and prototypes are good for testing your design ideas. At prototype stage you will make decisions about the FR4 – Low TG, High TG, number of layers, soldermask and silk screen etc.

Why PCB Prototype?

PCB prototyping reduces project timeline, it helps you see your design and idea in a tangible form and facilitate testing to ensure final product where the PCB will be deployed will be reliable and function as expected by your project plan timelines. There are various types of prototypes, such as, visual models, proof of concept prototypes, working prototype, and functional prototype. Based on the stage you are at in your design and development process, you will choose one of these types.

Advantage of PCB prototyping

Prototyping does add to the immediate project expense, but it will help in bringing down the overall cost of the project by fixing any design flaws at the initial stages of the product development cycle rather than later when your product is ready to hit the market or has already released. If a faulty product is out in the market you might have to order a recall which is again an unnecessary, avoidable expense. PCB prototype allows design teams to make necessary adjustments to the design based on solid feedback from the prototype manufacturer that you might have missed during your design review process. CCI Team goes through DFM analysis at initial stage and advise client about cost-effective solution for manufacturing the printed circuit boards.

We make your ideas into tangible printed circuit boards

When you need high performing and reliable printed circuit boards for your next project in the shortest possible time you can trust CCI. In last 27 years, our highly experienced team has worked closely with many engineers and designers to produce innovative, reliable prototypes for some exciting and path breaking projects.

Empowering customers and accelerating innovation

Whether you are designing a Multi Layer PCB or HDI PCB, or RF Circuit Board, you can trust us. Our advanced machine line-up helps us meet your rush needs. CCI production team ensures there are no bottlenecks and delays in getting you the prototype you want as per your deadline. We have an extensive inventory of materials needed to manufacture a wide variety of circuit boards. Therefore, we can produce high quality customized PCBs in less than 24 hours!

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