Impedance Control in PCB

Impedance Control for high-speed custom designs

We understand the need for signal integrity and control impedance. Our team is well versed in calculating impedance control and applying it your design as per your requirements.

The accuracy of a controlled impedance coupon is critical to the correct performance of the PCB. As we know that the impedance of a trace depends on a number of factors, including trace width and thickness, thickness and dielectric constant of the laminate and pre-preg material. Hence accurate calculation of the trace and stackup is necessary.

We use industry standard software “ Arkeo Stack” to generate the test coupons and stackups and put the test coupon on each panel, track and test the impedance of all coupons on the panel using ZMatrix ST3400 Time Domain Reflectrometry (TDR) tester and prepare test reports.

One of the examples of the Arkeo Stack is shown below.

In our 25 years of industry experience we know that majority of designs either need impedance watching or impedance control depending upon how strict the guidelines for the environment (device) are where PCB will be deployed. Contact our experts to find out how we can help you when it comes to impedance control.

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