DFM Assistance

CCI’s Design for Manufacturability (DFM) service ensures high quality products at the lowest possible cost

Design for Manufacturability is a critical aspect of printed circuit board manufacturing. It is imperative to sort out any design discrepancies right at the onset of PCB manufacturing. We have 25+ years of PCB manufacturing experience; we leverage our knowledge to ensure you have reliable, high quality products at the lowest possible cost.

DFM reduces the cost and time-to-market

Our DFM guidelines define all the tolerances, and procedures that must be applied to efficiently manufacture reliable PCBs. It also keeps the costs down by flagging any design errors that can be fixed at the design stage as compared to the mass production stage.

We share all the errors found in the design with the customer to avoid any future manufacturing issues. We have an advanced DFM Analysis UCam Software integrated with Arkeo and ERP database system containing various designs and process data to ensure that your design is feasible and can be successfully scaled for high volume manufacturing.