General FAQs

1How long has Canadian Circuits been in business?

Over 25 years.

2What are your hours of operation?

8 am to 5 pm

3What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard.

4Do you require a credit application?

Yes, if applicable to your order, you may download the form here.

5Where is Canadian Circuits located?

Canadian Circuits is located in Surrey BC.

Technical FAQs

1What format files do you accept?

Gerber format RS274X ODB++

2Can you handle Controlled Impedance requirements?

Yes we can calculate the controlled impedance for you.

3What is the panel size?

9″ x 12″, 12″ x 18″, 12″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″

4What is the thickest and thinnest PCB you can process?

The thinnest we can manufacture is 0.005″ and the thickest 0.125″

5Are you UL "Underwriters Laboratory" approved?

Yes we are, see our certifications here.

6Can you build RF Applications?

Yes we specialize in RF Applications.

7What is the thickest copper capability?

Up to 40 oz

8Can you do via in pad technology?


9Can you do inner layer coppers?


10Can you do flex PCBs?


11Can you do multilayer mixed RF boards?


12Can you do FR4 and aluminum PCB's?


13What are the common PCB defects?

There are some defects you must watch out for. Click here to view the list.

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