Standard PCB


Standard Rigid PCB: Reliable, low cost circuit boards

CCI Canadian Circuits offers an extensive set of capabilities when it comes to the standard PCB. This type of PCB is made from solid substrate; we use FR4 material for the Rigid PCBs. CCI Canadian Circuits has the capability to manufacture Single layer PCB, Double layer or Multilayer PCB. Rigid or Standard PCB's are low cost, reliable and long lasting. We can manufacture 20+ layered Standard PCB/ Rigid PCB using various drill capabilities and surface finishes.

Rigid PCBs are widely used in Telecommunications, Automotive, Space Technology, Medical Equipment, and Computers, and other communication equipment that don’t need a flexible PCB. As the name suggests, Rigid PCB is does not bend it is made of FR4 which offers rigidity. A Rigid PCB has two parts – conductive copper tracks and the non-conductive substrate usually made of epoxy glass. The copper layer laminated on the substrate contains the copper tracks and components like SMD Components are added on this layer.

Electronic industry has grown phenomenally in last two decades, whether it is consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive, or space the demand for highly efficient and robust electronic components has led to transformation of circuit board manufacturing to develop flexible and smaller PCB but still the Standard or Rigid PCB has a strong presence.

Things to remember for PCB designer and engineers

• Rigid PCB offers more circuit density, it is more durable and cost effective as compared to any other type of PCB and it is still widely used in a large variety of electronic devices and equipment.
• Using Rigid PCB often results in lower weight and smaller size.
• Electronic manufacturers use Rigid PCB for devices like keyboards, computers, in fact most of the toys which have electronic components have Rigid PCB embedded within.

Quality and durability of any electronic component depends upon the quality of PCB. Therefore, quality is critical to PCB industry. There are various IPC Standards that are enforced to ensure Rigid PCB manufacturers, designers follow these baseline standards. Some of the standards are:
• IPC-2221A, Generic Standard on Printed Board Design
• IPC-4101, Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

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