RF & Microwave PCBs

RF and Microwave PCB: CCI manufacturing high frequency printed circuit boards

Radio Frequency (RF) boards are designed to operate at much higher frequency than standard boards starting from 100 MHz. The growing IOT market has also pushed the PCB industry to enhance its capabilities to add more circuits on the boards and support more frequency ranges.

CCI Canadian circuits has been at the forefront when it comes to manufacturing RF and Microwave circuit boards. We are always adapting to new technologies and trends in the PCB industry. We have enhanced our capabilities and have developed a special procedure and production line to manufacture high quality RF and Microwave boards with special care.

Our engineering and production teams have extensive experience in manufacturing high frequency circuit boards. We work closely with customers to select appropriate PCB materials for complete design solutions.

While designing your RF boards you should consider critical factors including, noise minimization, impedance matching, reduction of return loss, reduction of cross talk by selecting proper laminates (dissipation factor and dielectric constant) for a low loss board.

Selection of right materials is the most important factor to balance cost vs. performance. Polytetrafluethylene (PTFE), ceramics, hydrocarbon and various class materials including hybrid stack-up (combination of two or more types of laminates) are used to design RF boards.

Our in-house RF and Microwave experts ensure that the factors/requirements like coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), dielectric constant, thermal coefficient, relative permittivity, and loss tangent are considered at the preliminary stages to meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

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