Hybrid PCB

Hybrid PCB - Cost effective solution for high frequency printed circuit boards

CCI Canadian Circuits has been a leading manufacturer of hybrid PCB for various customers for years now. We have had the opportunity to manufacture Hybrid PCB prototypes for communications, defence, satellite and aerospace products.

Hybrid PCB is a multilayer printed circuit board with dissimilar material for each layer. This type of PCB is usually developed to optimize electrical performance of the system where PCB will be installed. Using correct combination of substrates leads to improvement in the reliability of a printed circuit board. Different substrate materials with different dielectric, different thermal expansion coefficient, different radio frequency improve the electrical performance of the printed circuit board.

There are various manufacturers of laminates including Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Nelco Panasonic and ISOLA. We have experience of fabrication of various combinations of laminates to serve wide range of stack-up design of Hybrid boards for customer. At CCI we typically use FR-4 material and PTFE laminates which allows the design engineer to boost high frequency performance while at the same time reduce the footprint of the board and the cost.

Our expertise in custom PCBs, experience, and specialized machines allow us to deliver reliable, high performance hybrid PCBs.