Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper - Increases endurance of PCB

Heavy Copper PCBs are PCBs with 4 or more Oz of copper on each layer. Heavy copper is used in the cases where high thermal endurance is required. These printed circuit boards usually find application where high power transmission is needed such as in military/defence equipment, high power supply equipment – rectifiers, transformers, solar power, wielding and other industrial applications where heat distribution or heat sinking and high current carrying capability of a PCB is critical to the overall operation of the host system.

At CCI Canadian Circuits we have the capability to manufacture circuit boards starting from 1oz to 40+oz of copper for extremely heavy copper requirements. We are able to build differential copper plating on the PCB based on the client’s design. We do have a guideline for the engineers to follow during the design to ensure the trace and space is compensated for heavy copper designs to consider etch back factor in manufacturing.

We have more than two decades of experience in manufacturing PCB which enables us to manufacture high performing heavy copper PCB for you which meet the DFM requirement and have reliable thermal management capabilities. We are continuously working with the PCB experts in the industry to upgrade our knowledge to enhance our capabilities.