Flex & Rigid Flex PCBs

Flex and Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards: CCI solution for wearable technology

Flex PCBs

Flexible printed circuit boards are thin flexible boards made with highly ductile materials with high tensile strength. Flexible circuit boards are predominantly used in the consumer electronics – wearable technology segment, mobile phones, medical equipment, and aerospace industry for building components of a large machine or be the backbone of a small device. They can be bent into various shapes according to design and take up small space. Low assembly costs, less components, high reliability, and capability to deal with stress, vibrations make Flex PCB a favourite of engineers across the industries.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

Rigid-flex PCBs are a combination of both rigid and flex printed circuit board technology. This type of circuit board leverages the robustness of rigid PCB and malleability of flexible PCB to produce a printed circuit board that is efficient and light weight. In this unique combination the rigid and flex substrates are laminated together for greater ability to transmit signals at low loss since the design format eliminates connection problems as it does not use connectors.

Each Flex-rigid board has multiple zones of rigid and flex materials based on the design that work in sync to produce one seamless board. The common materials used in manufacturing of rigid-flex boards are FR4 for the rigid part of the PCB and materials like Kapton for the flex part. Usually Rigid part has more layers than the flex.

We manufacture Rigid flex printed circuit boards for a wide range of industries like medical, consumer electronics, defence, lighting, communication to name a few. Our CAD Engineering team works with the customers to build the right stack up for their rigid-flex circuit board. For more information, contact us.

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