Embedded PCB

Embedded PCB – CCI Leading the PCB Miniaturization

Demand of Embedded PCB is driven by the miniaturization of electronic devices and increased functions supported by the small devices. Both rigid and flex substrates are used to manufacture embedded PCB.

In embedded PCB the internal layers are used to add more components like resistors or capacitors, rather than surface mounted components. This is done to accommodate more device functions – passive and active on the smallest possible size!

Why use Embedded PCB?

Apart from space available for surface mount devices, embedded components on PCB have plenty of benefits including reduced surface EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), reduced inductive reactance, improved signal integrity of high frequency, high speed circuits, reduced circuits to interconnecting vias and greater reliability as there is no solder joints.

Keeping pace with the rapid adaptation of Embedded PCB, CCI Canadian Circuits has developed special procedures and production processes to fabricate embedded printed circuit boards. CCI has established close ties with various embedded PCB materials suppliers and industry experts to cater special design needs of the customers.

Embedded components are used in all areas of the electronics industries such as telecommunication, medical, defence, aerospace, computer and consumer electronics. Some of the applications include, heater elements, workstations, radar system, cell phone modules.

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