Modern day medicine depends on medical devices as much as it depends on doctors to provide care and save lives. People are living longer and healthier, some even with critical health issues, all thanks to medical devices. Whether it is a portable blood pressure machine, or a diabetes machine or an inhaler for asthma patients, there are so many devices that are used in hospitals or homes to improve living standards of the patients.

Majority of medical devices use principles of electronics and therefore, printed circuit boards are crucial to these devices and must be stable and reliable, after all it is a matter of life and death. At CCI Canadian Circuits we have been manufacturing PCBs for healthcare equipment for last 25 years. We have experience, capabilities, and high-end machine line-up to produce IPC Class 3 PCBs whether it is a quick turn prototype or bulk requirement. CCI engineering team also supports your R&D team to develop new versions to catch up with new requirements of medical science.

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