CCI Injects Capital Investment with New Equipment Additions

CCI Canadian Circuits acquired advanced drilling system from Schmoll
September 16, 2020
CCI Canadian Circuits is supporting medical equipment manufacturing
October 7, 2020

In June 2019, CCI Canadian Circuits Inc. has injected a significant capital investment with the recent purchase of three large equipment additions – a Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) machine and an Antares 700X X-ray drilling unit and a Sprint 150 Inkjet Printer. Having this new equipment will allow CCI to expand their capabilities into more complex Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs and deliver even faster turnarounds on jobs.

Laser direct imaging (LDI) system from Orbotech

This system provides high accuracy layer registration, dynamic imaging modes including individual panel scaling, depth-of-focus control.

Model: Paragon-8800 Hm


  • Layer registration accuracy: 24 µm
  • Depth-of-Focus up to +/- 300 µm
  • No photo-tool and film required to image printed circuit boards
  • Individual panel scaling based on own distortion
Laser direct imaging (LDI) system from Orbotech

Antares 700X X-Ray drilling unit from Mach 3

This system provides laser alignment, optimized drilling, hole to pad check, high-reliability X-ray source and camera.

Model: Antares 700 X


  • Optimized drilling (best fit)
  • Linear motors
  • Vision system accuracy +/- 5 µm
  • Spindle speed 30,000 rpm
  • Position accuracy +/- 0.003 mm
  • Laser alignment for panels
  • Drill accuracy +/- 15 µm
Antares 700 X

Sprint 150 Inkjet Printer

This system provides uniform printing on different surface heights, Advanced LED-based UV curing process.

Model: Sprint 150


  • Uniform Printing on uneven surfaces
  • Fine text, printing capability
  • Accurate alignment and table rotation for positioning
  • Self-maintenance to insure print quality
  • Able on Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Flex PCBs
  • Does not require Film and photo-tool to image legend
Silk Screen Legend ( Sprint 150)

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