Stack up & Controlled Dielectric

Stack up and Dielectric is critical to PCB performance

At CCI Canadian Circuits, we work with you to come up with most efficient stack up based on your PCB needs. We need copper weight, dielectric thickness requirements along with your Gerber files so that we help you meet your impedance control needs.

The accuracy of a controlled impedance coupon is critical to the correct performance of the PCB. As we know that the impedance of a trace depends on a number of factors, including trace width and thickness, thickness and dielectric constant of the laminate and pre-preg material.

We use industry standard software “Arkeo Stack” to generate the stack-ups based on impedance control needs, dielectric thickness, core materials and overall thickness of the PCB.

One of the examples of the Arkeo Stack is shown below. However various reports can be generated from this software for engineering, fabrication and BOM purpose.