Special Holes

CCI has advanced capabilities to manufacture PCB with PTH and NPTH Holes

PCB holes are an integral part of PCB. The traditional PCB technology PCB holes were divided into three types, i.e., Plated Through Holes (PTH), Non-Plated Through Holes (NPTH) and Via holes. However, after introduction of HDI PCB, the holes can be categorised into mainly 7 types of holes namely via hole, through hole, blind hole, buried hole, Controlled depth/back drill hole, countersink hole, press-fit hole.

Via hole is an integral part of PCB. It connects various circuits between different layers. It is normally smaller in size. A via is an interconnect hole that resides in a solderable pad, where the requirements are for a flat, planar surface that does not contribute negatively to the placement or orientation of the soldered component.

Why use Via-In-Pad:

  • It helps to reduce inductance, increase density, and manage us to use finer pitch array packages.
  • This approach places vias directly under the contact pads.
  • It allows higher component density and improved routing.
  • It provides the designer significant PCB space savings.

Type of Via-In-Pad fills:

  • Conductive Epoxies: Silver CB100, AE3030
  • Non-Conductive Epoxies: PHP-900, PP2795

Through holes are drilled to connect top and bottom layers. Since it is mainly used to insert the through hole components leads, it is also called component holes.

Blind via connects outer layer and inner layer and it can not be seen from opposite layer. Blind via is mainly designed in HDI PCBs.

Buried via holes is connected between inner layers and it can not seen from outside. Sequential lamination technique is used to fabricate buried via for HDI PCBs.

Controlled Depth drilling or back drilling is used to remove the unused portion from through holes. The depth of the holes is controlled by Z-axis movement of spindle.

Countersink holes are drilled in Non-Plated Through Holes to fasten the head part of the fastener and normally conical in shape.

Press-fit holes are used where there is no need of soldering of component leads. The component leads can be directly inserted into the holes. Normally the tolerance of the pre-fit holes are less than 0.025mm.

We have extensive experience of manufacturing custom PCB based on your design requirements.

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