Silk Screen/Legend

Superior quality PCB silk screen and legend

Silk Screen or Ident is one the last printing step in manufacturing a circuit board before V-scoring, and Routing. A silk screen layer contains information that is helpful to engineers and technicians doing the PCB assembly and troubleshooting. Values such as voltage, current, power are listed using silk screen besides defining the polarity and other important markings so that all components are correctly placed on the board.

We have Orbotech Sprint 150 to manufacture high-end legend designs in high mix production of HDI and MLB PCBs. It gives a high precision image using Direct Imaging (DI) process of using a Laser Beam and Mercury Lamp to imprint the image of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) directly on photo-sensitive resist without the use of a photo tool. The machine uses UCI (UV Curing Integrated) Technology™ to produce a superior quality PCB with silk screen of your choice. This process is much faster as well as saves production time in meeting client’s urgent timelines. We can do bar coding and serial # on this machine. We also use Liquid Photo Imaging (LPI) technique to apply silk screen on PCBs if any customer is looking for fine print.