Quality Inspection & Report

CCI Promise: Best quality PCB

Manufacturing high quality PCB is our commitment and we follow all the processes with standard quality process to manufacture PCBs. Under the quality inspection and reports, we offer the basic reports as well special reports (on request).

Micro-section Coupon and Report

Micro-section analysis is the most important and widely used method to analyze PCB for internal defects and quality. This method is used to check the integrity of through holes, surface finish thickness, inter connection of the layers, substrate, and laminate. Our lab technicians use automated coupon extraction to check the quality of micro section. We use Cross Section Analysis, ECOMET 4, VERSAMET 3 Metallurgical microscopes for microscopic sectional inspection of the PCB based on customer’s requirements and IPC-600-A standard.

We also provide the cross-section or Micro-section coupons for your reference.

Solderability Test Report

A solderability test determines the connection health and analyzes if the storage will affect the capability to solder components on the board. Our lab is equipped to carry out stringent quality tests to ensure that the final surface finish meet the PCB assembly the requirements.

Electrical Test Report

Final Boards are 100% tested before shipping for opens and shorts in the circuitry. Test program is loaded directly onto flying probe tester (Micro craft EMMA 4161 e-test machine). The flying probe testers in our quality control department are easy to set up as they do not need a test fixture.  The test data is stored on the database for reports.

X-ray CMI Coating Thickness Report

XRF is a non-destructive analytical technique that tests the thickness to ensure that the final coating meets the IPC-A-600 requirements. We offer XRF reports (Gold, Nickel, Silver, Sn/Pb) using SEIKO SFT 3400 CMI Machine.

Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Report

The accuracy of a controlled impedance trace on a PCB is usually critical to the correct performance of the PCB. In TDR test a quick step signal is applied to the impedance coupon through a controlled impedance cable and probe and graphical data is recorded. Whenever there is a change in impedance value, part of the signal power is reflected to the TDR tester. The Impedance test coupon is inserted on every panel so that they are tested using Zmetrix ST300 before shipping the boards.

First Article Inspection Report (FAIR)

We perform First Article Inspection before stating the mass production to validate that all of the documented requirements have been met on this first build.

Final Inspection Report

The last step of the process is Final inspection of PCB. A quality inspector inspects all PCBs under microscope or AOI Machine (Camtek Orion Px) and measure the dimension against customer drawings. The inspector also ensures that all steps are carried out as plan before packaging the boards.

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

We issue a certificate of compliance along with the job so that you have peace of mind that all processes were followed to manufacture PCB for you. We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified, Controlled Goods Certified (CGP), IPC member, ITAR Registered & UL Approved PCB manufacturer. Our circuit boards are exceptionally reliable and go through stringent quality control measures.

Other Certificates:

Upon Request, we also provide following compliance certificates.

  • Conflict Minerals
  • RoHS
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