PCB Material

CCI offers a wide range of PCB materials

With more than two decades in the industry, CCI Canadian Circuit has a built a formidable reputation of delivering high quality PCB in record time. We have established great working relationships with the industry experts and suppliers to cater the customers’ special needs.

Our core capability is rapid prototyping; to maintain our 99.3% on time delivery KPI, we make sure we have the material inventory to meet your rush needs at all times. Click here to read our Conflict Material Information

We stock BERGQUIST, ISOLA, NANYA, SHENGYI, NELCO, ARLON, ROGERS, TACONIC, DU-POINT, and OHMEGA at our manufacturing plant for your standard, prototype, and rush needs. We stock over 400 varieties of laminates from above vendors in stock to cater the customer better.

Material Sheets

SupplierLaminate Type Details
ISOLA185HR FR-4Click Here
370HRFR-4Click Here
Astra MT77 Polyimide Click Here
FR402 FR-4Click Here
FR406 FR-4Click Here
FR408 FR-4Click Here
FR408HRFR-4Click Here
IS410 FR-4Click Here
IS680 Polyimide Click Here
P95/P25 Polyimide Data Sheet
P. Guidelines
P96/P26Polyimide Click Here
NANYA NP-140 FR-4Click Here
NP-170TL FR-4Click Here
NP-175FBFR-4Click Here
NP-175FR FR-4Click Here
NP-175FTLFR-4Click Here
ROGERS ROG3003Ceramic/PTFE Click Here
ROG3006 Ceramic/PTFE Click Here
ROG3010Ceramic/PTFE Click Here
ROG3210Ceramic/PTFE Click Here
ROG3730 Click Here
ROG4003C Hydrocarbon/CeramicClick Here
ROG4350BHydrocarbon/CeramicClick Here
ROG4360G2Hydrocarbon/CeramicClick Here
ROG5870 PTFE Click Here
ROG5880 PTFE Click Here
ROG6002 Ceramic/PTFEClick Here
ROG6010 Ceramic/PTFEClick Here
ROG6035HTCCeramic/PTFEClick Here
NELCO N4000-29 FR4 High Temp Click Here
ARLON 35N Cer/Glass Click Here
BERGQUIST (Henkel)HT0503 Metal Core Datasheet
Dielectric Info
MP-06503 Metal Core Datasheet
We also provide:TACONICLaminate
OHMEGA OhmegaPly
DUPONTPyralux Laminates
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