PCB Board Specification

CCI Board Specifications: High quality and Reliable Circuit Boards

A PCB Board shape and size is dependent upon the circuit board you want to design. Board material, and its dimension are important aspects in PCB manufacturing because it is the board where all components will be placed. Therefore, the first step in board selection is defining the objective of printed circuit board, its use and its application. As a PCB designer, you must define the industry of PCB application - defence, consumer electronics, medical, automobile, telecommunication, etc.

At CCI Canadian Circuits, we work with the designers to ensure there are no issues at later stage like traces too close to the edges, overlapping holes or even defining the right material for the board based on its proposed application. PCB stack-up and material are the most important items our Tooling team looks at before beginning the process of manufacturing custom PCB. The board in the circuit board is the foundation on which SMT components will be mounted therefore it is crucial to have the first step right. Our capabilities and advanced machine line-up allow us to manufacture a wide range of PCBs as per your requirements.

PCB Arrays, Routing, Scoring, and more – the building blocks of a PCB

At CCI Canadian Circuits, we have been manufacturing boards for various industries like medical equipment, oil and gas, lighting, laser processing equipment for over two decades now. We have access to top of the line materials, and machines to manufacture high quality and reliable boards for various industries. We know that every industry, every project within an industry has different circuit board requirements. The array, spacing, routing, scoring, vias type, soldermask, surface finishes all form part of board specification. Our CAD engineering team uses DFM and decides on the best approach to manufacture reliable PCB board with high yield for you as per your specifications.
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