Blind & Buried Vias

Blind vias and Buried Vias for miniaturization and high integration of electronic products

CCI Canadian Circuits specializes in Blind and Buried vias. We are the leaders in rapid prototyping for advance PCB where design requires manufacturing either of the vias.

Blind and buried vias are used to connect between layers of a HDI PCB with 4 layers or higher to meet density constraints of lines and pads without increasing number of layers or size of the board.

A blind via connects an outer layer to one or more inner layers but does not go all the way through top and bottom layers. A buried via connect two or more inner layers but can not be seen from top or bottom layers.

Blind and buried vias adds cost to the board hence the designer need to consider where it is necessary to add blind buried vias or increase the layer counts.

While adding blind buried vias to the boards, some of the fabrication aspect needs to be considered to reduce fabrication complexity and the cost. The process of making blind and buried via may involve several thermal press cycles (also called Sequential Lamination), the number of press cycle should be reduced to decrease the cost and increase quality and reliability of the boards.

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