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Canadian Circuits Delivers
Exactly What You Need, When You Need It!

Does your company need a high quality finished PCB delivered in
3 Days? 2 Days? Even 24 Hours?


We realize the importance of “Just-in-Time” inventory, and “Time-to-Market” timelines. That’s why Canadian Circuits is dedicated to producing high quality customized PCB’s in as little as 24 Hours. The key to our success is through the success of our customers and the best way to make our customers successful is to produce high-quality PCB’S exactly when they need them, or even sooner.


At Canadian Circuits Inc, we base our technological roadmap on each customer’s individual requirements. Our primary objective is to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards of the highest calibre, at a very competitive price, while providing outstanding customer service and on time delivery. From single or double sided multilayer boards, to more complex boards with higher layer counts or special material requirements, Canadian Circuits will exceed your expectations each and every time!

Up to 20 Layers Yes Yes Yes
 Blind and Buried Vias Yes Yes Yes
Sequential lamination Yes Yes Yes
 Impedance Control Yes Yes Yes
Hybrids And Mixed Dielectrics Yes Yes Yes
Aluminum Core PCBs
Via In Pad Yes Yes Yes
Conductive Hole Fill Yes Yes Yes
Edge Plating And constellation Holes Yes Yes Yes
 Maximum Panel Sizes 18” X 24” 18” X 24” 12’ X 18”
Maximum Usable area 16.4” X 22” 16.4” X 22” 10.4” X 16”
Yellow Room