Open House – 2018

CCI Open House 2018

October 18, 2018, CCI Canadian Circuits hosted a wonderful Open House. With many guests in attendance from a variety of different industries, it was an enjoyable day – four inspiring presentations, impressive facility tours, delicious food and prize giveaways!


Presentations Included:

  • Hybrid PCB with Various RF Materials
    — Joe Davis from Rogers Corporation
  • Smart Home Automation Via Voice Control
    — Mathieu Schneider from Pacific Design Engineering
  • The Future of 3D Printing for Industry 4.0
    — Woo Soo Kim from Simon Fraser University
  • HDI, New Technology and Cost Benefit Solutions
    — CCI Canadian Circuits Team


Each presentation was followed by a Question/Answer, along with a discussion period. The attendees had time to learn more details about the topics from speakers from various industries. Socializing and networking during the Open House is always enjoyable and beneficial. Everyone enjoyed the lunch and refreshments all day.


The most amazing part of the Open House was the facility tour. PCB designers are enthusiastic to know and see the PCB process. During our tours, we showed: Tooling, Panelization, Film Lamination, Etching, Electro-Plating, Screening, Developing, Drilling, Routing and V-scoring.


You are welcome to visit our facility for a tour!