• Surveillance ISO 9001:2015 with all 5 benchmark again
  • Successfully hosted Open House and celebrated 25 years in business
  • Acquired Occleppo Alkaline Etcher for consistent etching
  • Acquired Final Board Washer
  • Consistent in getting on time delivery (OTD) over 98.5%
  • Installed Scaling Software with impedance and stack up calculation capability
  • Upgraded overall capability to process HDI jobs
  • Streamlined the processes to deliver complex 24 hr rush jobs


  • Successfully upgraded from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 with all 5 benchmarks
  • Consistent in getting on time delivery (OTD) 98%
  • Acquired Schmoll Drilling Machine with OIR system
  • Established manufacturing process MCPCB product line


  • Embedded resistor capability with Ohmega-Ply
  • HDI (High Density Interconnect PCBs) with less than 3 mil traces and 3 mil spacing
  • OTD (On Time Delivery) 98% for the year
  • Enhanced cross-section analysis capability
  • Hosting a successful Open House in September
  • Acquired TB-1 Plasma Etch machine


  • Acquired X-Ray drill machine
  • Acquired ATG 8-probe, flying probe electrical tester
  • Acquired OLEC camera-aligned auto-exposure machine
  • We have accomplished and mastered the technology for Via in Pad
  • We have updated our capabilities and added 20 plus high layer count
  • Canadian Circuits has successfully achieved the challenging task of plating 30 oz copper plus differential copper on selected traces. We are excited to add this accomplishment to our capabilities and offer extreme copper thickness to our customers
  • We have added an Automated Exposure Unit to our facility to further improve outer layer registration


  • We have achieved heavy copper for all multilayer PCB’s
  • We have successfully added controlled impedance to our capabilities
  • Controlled Goods Certification (CGP) acquired


  • We have improved our capabilities by adding 3 mil lines and 3 mil spacing
  • Accomplished research project for D-Wave
  • Implemented PCB controlled impedance system, including impedance calculation, test coupon design, TDR impedance measurement with Zmetrix ST300, and test report.


  • Canadian Circuits hosted an open house after renovating the production facility with distinguished speakers, plant tours and prizes.
  • Accomplished large NRC Research Project
  • Successfully manufactured Hybrid Multilayer Boards (Rogers and FR4)


  • Our entire production facility was renovated to further enhance the manufacturing processes and quality of service.
  • Accomplished Blind Buried Vias


  • Canadian Circuits had the honour and privilege of manufacturing PCB boards for the 2010 Winter Olympic Rings displayed near the Vancouver International Airport (YVR).


  • ITAR Certification acquired

1993 – 2008

  • Expanded to a larger facility
  • Exhibited in tradeshows all across Canada
  • ISO Certification acquired
  • UL Certification acquired
  • Updated capabilities to include Flash Electroplating Nickel and Gold
  • Incorporated Flying Probe Electrical Testing (Mania Loc 8)
  • Automatic Optical Inspection – CAMTECH
  • Introduced new surface finish, Electroless Nickel, Immersion Gold (ENIG)
  • Successfully manufactured 10oz copper PCB’s